metalctl is the command line client to access the metal-api.


Download locations:

Installation on Linux

curl -LO
chmod +x metalctl-linux-amd64
sudo mv metalctl-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/metalctl

Installation on MacOS

curl -LO
chmod +x metalctl-darwin-amd64
sudo mv metalctl-darwin-amd64 /usr/local/bin/metalctl

Installation on Windows

curl -LO
copy metalctl-windows-amd64 metalctl.exe

metalctl update

In order to keep your local metalctl installation up to date, you can update the binary like this:

metalctl update check
latest version:v0.8.3 from:2020-08-13T11:55:14Z
local  version:v0.8.2 from:2020-08-12T09:27:39Z
metalctl is not up to date

metalctl update do
# a download with progress bar starts and replaces the binary. If the binary has root permissions please execute
sudo metalctl update do
# instead

Built from project

sudo ln -sf $(pwd)/bin/metalctl /usr/local/bin/metalctl


Set up auto-completion for metalctl, e.g. add to your ~/.bashrc:

source <(metalctl completion bash)

Set up metalctl config, by first creating the config folder (mkdir -p ~/.metalctl), then set the values according to your installation in ~/.metalctl/config.yaml:

current: prod
    client_id: metal_client
    client_secret: 456
    hmac: YOUR_HMAC

Available commands

Full documentation is generated out of the cobra command implementation with:

metalctl markdown

generated markdown is here and here

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