Metal Stack Enhancement Proposals (MEPs)

This section contains proposals which address substantial modifications to metal-stack.

Every proposal has a short name which starts with MEP followed by an incremental, unique number. Proposals should be raised as pull requests in the docs repository and can be discussed in Github issues.

The list of proposal and their current state is listed in the table below.

Possible states are:

  • In Discussion
  • Accepted
  • Declined
  • In Progress
  • Completed

Once a proposal was accepted, an issue should be raised and the implementation should be done in a separate PR.

MEP-1Distributed Control Plane DeploymentIn DiscussionN/AN/A
MEP-2Two Factor AuthenticationIn ProgressN/AN/A
MEP-3Machine Re-Installation to preserve local dataCompletedN/AN/A
MEP-4Multi-tenancy for the metal-apiAcceptedN/AN/A
MEP-5Shared NetworksCompletedN/AN/A
MEP-6DMZ NetworksCompletedN/AN/A
MEP-8Configurable FilesystemlayoutCompletedN/AN/A