A roadmap with short-, mid- and long-term planning will be available soon. For now, there is only a backlog.


Available soon.


Available soon.


Available soon.


The backlog contains ideas of what could become part of the roadmap in the future. The list is ordered alphabetically. Therefore, the order does not express the importance or weight of a backlog item.

We incorporate community feedback into the roadmap. If you think that important points are missing in the backlog, please share your ideas with us. We have a Slack channel. Please check out for contact information.


By no means this list is a promise of what is being worked on in the near future. It is just a summary of ideas that was agreed on to be "nice to have". It is up to the investors, maintainers and the community to choose topics from this list and to implement them or to remove them from the list.

  • Add metal-stack to Gardener conformance test grid
  • Autoscaler for metal control plane components
  • CI dashboard and public integration testing
  • Cilium as the default CNI for metal-stack on Gardener K8s clusters
  • Improved release and deploy processes (GitOps, Spinnaker, Flux)
  • Machine internet without firewalls
  • metal-stack dashboard (UI)
  • Offer our metal-stack extensions as enterprise products (accounting, cluster-api, S3) (neither of them will ever be required for running metal-stack, they just add extra value for certain enterprises)
  • Partition managed by Kubernetes (with Kubelets joining the control plane cluster)
  • Public offering / demo playground
  • Resource scoping in the metal-api (MEP-4)
  • Service / API tokens (for scoped technical user access)